Citizen science

Citizen scientists, or members of the general public who contribute to scientific research, can play a role in discovering black holes. While the observation and study of black holes is typically done by professional astronomers using specialized equipment like the Black Gem Array of telescopes, there are many ways that citizen scientists can contribute to this field. For example, citizen scientists can help to process and analyze data collected by these telescopes using the platform, look for patterns in data that may indicate the presence of a black hole, and even help to design and carry out new research projects. By working with professional scientists, citizen scientists can make valuable contributions to our understanding of black holes.

Stay tuned! We already released the beta website and the android beta app with a limited test set from the telescopes in South Africa

Expected release: summer 2023. Image credit Steven Bloemen 

Contributions to science

Be among the first people to set eyes on the light emitted by these exploding stars. 

Product details

We are currently developing a multi-platform citizen science toolkit for classification of transients and discovery of black holes. Stay tuned.