Citizen science

Welcome to a groundbreaking initiative that redefines how we study the enigmatic phenomena of black holes. Our app and platform provide a unique bridge between professional astronomers and citizen scientists, enabling real-time classification of images from the Black Gem Array of telescopes. We invite you to be part of this ambitious endeavor.

The Need for Speed: Gravitational Waves and Transients

When a gravitational wave event occurs, the clock starts ticking. The Black Gem Array of telescopes capture images of transients—temporary, luminous events—that might be connected to these cosmic ripples. The complexity of this data requires swift analysis to capitalize on follow-up opportunities. That's where you come in.

Layered Analysis for Deeper Insights

By enabling both user and professional classification, our platform offers a multi-tiered approach to data interpretation. The dual nature of this system not only speeds up data analysis but also presents a richer tapestry of insights. Different perspectives can unveil nuances that might otherwise be missed.

Real-Time Collaboration

The app serves as a hub for real-time, global collaboration. Professionals can instantaneously review classifications, pinpointing areas for further investigation. Moreover, they can send alerts for particularly interesting phenomena as they unfold, setting the stage for coordinated, immediate action.

Ethical and Transparent Participation

We believe that every contribution is valuable and deserves acknowledgment. Our platform is built on principles of ethical engagement and transparency, ensuring a collaborative environment that respects the input of all involved parties.

Be Part of the Next Big Discovery

Join us as we push the boundaries of what's possible in the study of black holes. Whether you're an interested amateur or a seasoned professional, there's a place for you in this exciting scientific journey.

Download the app now and become part of a revolution in astronomical research.

Image credit Steven Bloemen