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Introducing MOBIS: The all-in-one Mobile Observation Integration System that brings together various citizen science apps for effortless access and convenience. With its FAIR-compliant back-end service and integration with the EOSC, MOBIS makes it easy to participate in an array of research projects and environmental studies through a single user-friendly app on your smartphone. Collect data on air and water quality, biodiversity, and more while jogging, walking, or simply enjoying nature. Experience seamless environmental data collection with MOBIS, available on the European Open Science Cloud.

Available on the European Open Science Cloud, MOBIS ensures that your observations are accessible, interoperable, and open to all.

App developers can easily integrate MOBIS into their projects with the use of our open source libraries and tools.

We offer the MOBIS back end as a service. A reliable mobile back end for your (mobile) app featuring

Parse Server / MONGODB storage

Data Dashboards

Sensor Things API V.1.1 interface

Python (flask) integration for processing and data reduction

Push Notification support (Android/iOS/Mobile)

GDPR by design.

Secure by design.

Product details

MOBIS is a service that facilitates the integration of environmental sensors and biodiversity data in an app so that researchers and developers can customize their own projects to collect and combine all sorts of useful information from images or low-cost sensors linked to a mobile website or a native app platform.

Create your own citizen science app and jumpstart the development. Most of the work has already been done!

Use a set of low cost sensors and one single app to get a detailed map of environment and biodiversity

Report pollution using multiple low cost sensors (camera's, PM2.5, CO2, optical)

A Mobis Use case: Run4science

IMG 9899

The Mobis app (front end)