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The iSPEX ® Smartphone Spectrometer and Polarimeter is a cost-effective and versatile solution for monitoring water and air quality, as well as engaging in a wide array of STEM activities and experiments. 

Compatible with recent smartphones, the iSPEX  device empowers users to collect and scrutinize data with precision and ease. 

Ideal for citizen science initiatives, in-depth environmental studies, and even recreational exploration, iSPEX simplifies the data collection process without compromising on quality. Moreover, our state-of-the-art app and platform enable efficient data analysis and promote seamless sharing of results with relevant parties, enhancing the overall user experience.  iSPEX is currently being validated with leading research groups. 

Water quality:

Like air, water can also scatter and reflect light, which can cause the light to become polarized. By measuring the polarization of light that passes through water, spectropolarimetry can be used to detect the presence of certain particles or substances in the water, such as algae, bacteria, or pollution. This information can be used to monitor the quality of water in rivers, lakes, or oceans, and to identify sources of pollution. Spectro (polarimetry) is just one of many tools that can be used to study water quality, and it can be a valuable tool for scientists and policymakers who are working to protect the world's water resources.

Instructional videos

iSPEX Assembly

Positioning the iSPEX unit

Example water measurement protocol (Hydrocolor alike)

Citizen Science with iSPEX

iSPEX (1) was used with over 10.000 citizens to generate a high precision map of air polllution. We have more than ten years experience in citizen science projects. iSPEX 2 will be suitable for large scale citizen science campaigns. Think of satellite validation or environmental monitoring. 

Past campaigns: water and atmosphere

Measuring water reflectance with iSPEX during the MONOCLE field campaign.


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Ispex 1
Ispex 2
Ispex 3

Publications (1)

A universal smartphone add-on for portable spectroscopy and polarimetry: iSPEX 2

Olivier Burggraaff, Armand B. Perduijn, Robert F. van Hek, Norbert Schmidt, Christoph U. Keller, Frans Snik